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            Magento App Quick Start Guide

            It's a simple task to create a Magento integrated app via the Quick Start Guide in JMango360 Back Office. Follow the steps below:

            Step 1: Log in to JMango360 Back Office and click the New App button at the top right of the screen.

            Step 2: In the Create New Application form that appears, click the Start button corresponding to Magento.

            Step 3: Click Start to start the Quick Start Guide that contains five steps in total. 

            While following the Quick Start Guide, take note of the following:
            1. Step 2 - Install Plugin: You need to log in to Magento Admin to install the plugin. For Magento 1.7x and higher, you can either install the plugin from Magento Macketplace or dowload the plugin from our platform and manually install it. For Magento 2.1 and newer, however, you can only install the plugin from Magento Macketplate. 

            1. Step 3 - Configure Plugin: This step is to validate the connection between the plugin and your store. Please follow the onscreen instruction to make sure the API key in our platform matches the one in your Magento Admin, then go back to the Quick Start Guide and verify the connection. Once done, you can choose to integrate with a particular store view. 

            1. Step 5 - Preview App: You can preview your app using the Preview panel on the screen or download the Preview app from App Stores for fully test. 
            Step 4: Once you've done previewing your app, click Done to finish the wizard and start designing your app.

            1. You can exit the Quick Start Guide at any time by clicking the Exit button at the top. Once you click this button, you'll be brought to My Apps menu or the app page depending on the step you are in the wizard.
            2. In case you exit the Quick Start Guide without importing data, the next time you log in to JMango360 Back Office and open the app to design, there will appear a popup asking if you would like to continue the creation process. You can select No to open the app or Yes to be redirected to the step where you exited the wizard.

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