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            Mobile App Catalog Settings

            Please note that for this setting to take place within the app it requires JMango360 REST plugin version 3.0.0 or later.

            To view this setting log into the JMango360 Back Office > click on your app and go to the Settings tab. Scroll down to the Mobile App Catalog Settings.

            This section provides you a variety of settings which you can alter for the categories and products within your app. Details of each setting are listed below:

            Category related settings: 
            • Synchronise all active categories with the mobile app: By selecting YES from the dropdown menu, you only show categories within the app that are active (active category: is a category that has products within that category). By selecting NO, all categories will be shown, whether they are active or not. 
            • Select one Product Attribute to be shown in every product category in the app: this allows you to select an attribute from the dropdown list which will be shown on the product category. By default this is left blank. 
            • Hide attributes where the value is N/A, No or blank: this allows you to hide/show the attributes which have the value N/A (or No or Blank). By default, it is NO. 
            • Select default sort direction in the app: this allows you to select a default sort direction within the app, either Ascending or Descending. By default this is left blank. 
            • Align content of product categories: this allows you to align the content of the product categories in mobile app, either left, right or center. By default, the alignment is set to Left.
              This requires mobile app version 2.16.0 up to get the setting applied.
            • Auto-update categories: by selecting yes the app will automatically update the categories when a change is made within the webshop. By default, this is set to No, which means you have to reintegrated the app to have any change take place within the App.

            Product detail related settings:
            • Select one Product Attribute to be shown on every Products Detail Page in the app: this allows you to select an attribute from the dropdown list which will be shown on the product  detail page. By default this is left blank.
            • Show image of Child Product on the Product Detail Page in the app: in case your app contains the product type 'grouped' then this option allows you to display/hide the images of the Child products in your app. By default this is set to NO.
            • Enable Color Swatches: This functionality requires plugin version 3.5.6 and mobile app version 2.26.0 or later for Magento 1. For Magento 2, it requires plugin version 1.6.15 and mobile app version 2.52.1 or later. When you have configurable products with the color swatches option set this field to "Yes" as it provides your customers the choose a different color which will change the image accordingly with the selected color option.

            Updated: 21 Apr 2019 06:26 PM
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