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            Mobile App Checkout Settings

            There are 3 types of checkout available on the mobile app:
            1. Standard app checkout (default): the native checkout.
            2. Onepage checkout with 3 steps.
            3. Onepage checkout with 5 steps.

            These checkouts require JMango360 REST plugin version 2.8.1 or later and mobile app version 2.9.1 or later.

            Please follow the steps below as we explain ho to know how to set up for each checkout options:

            Step 1: Log into JMango360.

            Step 2: From the app list, select your app.

            Step 3: Click on Settings in the menu bar and scroll down to Checkout Settings tab. 

            Option 1: Standard app checkout (default): the native checkout.

            Selecting this option allows you to checkout using the native app checkout, which provide you with all the available shipping and payment methods imported from website by default. This also allows you to exclude any shipping and/or payment method within the mobile app.

            In order for this change to take effect, please re-integrate the app.

            Click here to learn how the Standard app checkout work.

            Option 2: Onepage checkout with 3 steps.

            When you select this option you will use the JMango360 One page checkout with 3 steps to complete checkout process.

            More details: How does onepage checkout 3 steps option work?

            Option 3: Onepage checkout with 5 steps.

            This option will redirect the App users to the JMango360 Onepage checkout with 5 steps in order to complete the checkout process. 
            Please go to this article for more detail: How does onepage checkout with 5 steps option work?

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:35 PM
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