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            Payment method is set but why do mobile users fail to use that payment method to checkout with a Standard app?

            Although the payment methods were checking in Settings page when designing the app. However, when previewing your app as a mobile user, you might get the warning notifications while selecting one of payment methods when checkout.


            The causes of the problem here may result from:
            • Payment method is checked but there is no information to be integrated.
            • The incompletion of your payment setting on Settings page of the app.
            • The information is filled in with incorrect information. 

            • Be 100% sure that you set up the payment methods in the right way, please click here for more information with regards to payment settings on Settings page of the app. 
            • Don't tick to choose the payment method that you have neither test account nor live account.
            Please contact us via this link if you need any support or questions.

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 08:48 PM
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