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            How to Place an order

            JMango360 provides an accurate shopping data to app users with Real-time Synchronized shopping cart on mobile app, inherited from that on Magento website.

            Below is how you can place order on mobile app:

            1. Add desired products to cart

            You open your app and go to Product Catalog page.

            In Product details, you can edit the product quantity by tapping on quantity box or press on Increase or Decrease icon to update. You then tap on Add To Cart button at the bottom to add product to cart. Your product is added to cart with its selected quantity.

            2. Update Cart 
            Please touch on Cart icon in the top right corner to show up all products in cart. Please be sure that you have reviewed all of your placed item in your shopping cart.

            If you’d like to adjust the quantity of selected products, please tapping on quantity box or tapping on Increase or Decrease icon to update. You can also add your Coupon Code from cart page.   

            Or you do not want to purchase a certain product, please tap on dustbin icon on the right to remove product from cart or you swipe product in cart to left to show up the dustbin icon to Delete that product.

            3. Checkout the cart 
            Once you have all the items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, click the CHECK OUT button at the bottom of Cart Page. 
            You can log into this app if you have an account by entering the Username and Password field. Otherwise, you tap on Checkout as Guest button to checkout as guest.    

            Then implement checkout in app as below steps: 

            Please fill in all information in Shipping Address and Billing Address as these are required fields by tapping on each title or imported from your Address book.

            Billing address

            • Add new an address.
            • Choosing an address.

            Shipping address
            • Add new an address.
            • Choosing an address.

            Shipping method
            • Select a shipping method.

            • Select one of payment methods from the list.

             Then you touch on button Place Order. 

            After placing your order, you will get to Order Review page to view your order in details: 

            In case you want to continue shopping before checking out your order or just want to cancel the order, please click on Close icon at the top right of the screen, a pop up will be shown for you to leave the Order review page:

            • Continue shopping...: Select this option and you will be brought to your Home page, your products are still kept in cart.

            In case you want to confirm your order, please touch on Place Order button to be redirected to Payment Gateway.

            Completing checkout process, you will see a Thank you screen, from here you can view your order in details or click Continue shopping to back to Home Screen and continue your shopping.

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:27 PM
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