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            Product image gallery settings

            Product image gallery settings

            You can configure the product image settings directly in the JMango360 Back Office without logging into the Magento Backend.
            First login to the JMango360 Back Office > click on your App and go to Settings.

            Within settings go to the tab Product Image Settings.

            You can choose one of the options shown in the image below.
            Please leave all the fields at their default values.

            Furthermore, you can select what subcategory images and product images to be shown up on the product list and on the product detail page.

            The mobile app will select by default Thumbnails image to display on product list and product detail page.
            1. In case if subcategory has no its Thumbnails Image and Image, please select field Choose image type to be displayed if catalog thumbnail is not available:
            (You can check if subcategory image is available in Catalog Manage Categories, open a certain subcategory, tab General Information).

            • Select None: Will show up the default image on mobile app:

            • Select product image type: Base Image or Small Image and Thumbnails to use image of one of three first products to show up the subcategory image.
            2. Mobile app will show the image on product listing page and on product detail page which is selected in field Choose image type to be displayed on catalog pageThumbnailsSmall Image and Thumbnails.

            Click on Save to finish.

            Did you know?
            To avoid making user confused on product image settings, from plugin 3.0.0 or later, this settings will be configured in JMango360 Back Office which is available for Support Team only.

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:33 PM
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