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            Product Ordering Settings for Standard App

            You can configure the mobile App login settings directly in the JMango360 Back Office without logging into the Magento Backend.

            First login to the JMango360 Back Office > click on your App and go to Settings.

            This provides you the Product Ordering Settings option, details are explained below:

            Below is described how to set up the settings for Product Ordering
            • The first step is to allow users to order the products which are displayed in the product catalog by checking the box "Allow customers to place orders for products displayed in the app".
            • Check the box "Allow customers to make payments for their orders" to allow app users to order your products. If you don't check this box, your app users are able to request a quote. 
            • Check the box “Allow guest users to check out their shopping carts” to allow the app users to place orders without registering or logging in. If you don’t check the box, your app users will be required to register or login when going to checkout. 

            • The next step is to configure your Email settings
              • Fill in an email address where you would like to receive a notification of your orders created in the App at 'Email address for order/quote notifications'. 
              • Fill in an email address which you would like to use for replying to your customers at 'Reply-to address for customer emails'.

            • The next step is to configure the Shipping/Pickup method. You have to choose between 'Shipping AND Pickup', 'Shipping ONLY' and 'Pickup ONLY'.
              • If you select the option 'Shipping AND Pickup' users get the option to choose how to receive the order. It will be delivered or it can be picked up at a location.
              • If you select the option 'Shipping ONLY' orders will only be delivered to the address entered by the user. No Pickup location will be available. 
              • If you select the option 'Pickup ONLY' orders need to be picked up at an address you will add. No delivery option will be available.
              • The section 'Shipping Fee' represents the costs which will be added to the total amount of the order when the order will be delivered (shipped).
              • The addresses entered at 'Pickup Addresses' are the available pickup locations users can choose from. Click on ' Manage Address' to add pickup addresses.
              • At 'Delivery Time' you can give your users the option to select a delivery time.
              • At 'Pickup Time' you can give your users the option to specify a pickup time. 
              • Finish the Shipping/Pickup settings by entering a 'Order Successful Message'. This message will be shown to users when their order is successful. 

            • The last step in finishing your general settings is to set up the  Payment Methods. If you would like to accept payments via your app, configuration of these settings is required. 
              • Select one of the available Payment Service Provider that you would like to integrate.
              • If you don’t have an PSP account, set up an account yourself. Click on ‘Sign up’ to be redirected to the website of the PSP. Follow the steps to setup an account. 

              • Select the button 'Sandbox' and fill in all the relevant details to test if the payment integration works. 
              • Click on 'Save' button


            • Please note that the sandbox credentials are different from the live credentials.   
            • If you have tested the payment integration with the JMango360 Preview App and it works, you can select the box ‘Live’. Fill in the relevant details to use the live environment of the Payment Method.  

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