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            Redirect customers to PWA on mobile browser

            You've successfully deployed your PWA and now wonder how to redirect your customers to the PWA on mobile browser. Here is how:

            Step 1: Log in to JMango360 Back Office and open your PWA. 
            Step 2: From the navigation bar, click Settings > General Settings. Navigate to PWA Deployment Settings section.

            Step 3: Contact us so that we can help you enter your live PWA URL to enable the settings.

            Step 4: Once the settings are enabled, you can choose one of the following options:
            1. Show mobile visitors a pop-up to open the PWA: This displays a pop-up asking customers to use the PWA or continue with the store website. If customers select Yes, they will be redirected to the PWA and their choice will be saved for next visit. Otherwise, they will continue using the store website and the pop-up will appear again after 48 hours.

            1. Replace the store website with the PWA: This automatically redirects mobile customers to the PWA.
            2. Turn off the PWA on mobile browsers (default): This disables the PWA, so your mobile customers will use the store website as normal.
            Step 5: Click Save Changes at the top right of the screen to confirm the change.

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            Updated: 03 Jul 2019 05:42 PM
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