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            Why are mobile devices not receiving push message/notification of applications?

            After designing application, you would like to make sure that mobile users who install your app receive Push MessagesUnexpectedly, the mobile devices are not receiving those messages. Why does this happen?


            This issue is possibly raised by: 

            1. Notification of device is turned on but right after installing application and then opening on mobile, there is a notification asking if you'd like to get push message. You select Don't Allow.
            2. Notifications of device is turned off: It means that your device will not get push message as well as any other notifications under any circumstances.


            • You should select Ok when receive the notification on opening app for the first time. 

            • However, if you select Don't Allow when receive the notification on opening app for the first time, please turn your notification on in Settings of your device, please go to Settings>Notifications and select the application, you then turn it on.

            Note: You turn on the notifications for Android by going to Settings>Application Manager, select the application and check the box to turn it on. 

            Please contact us via this link if it doesn't work after all. 

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 08:48 PM
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