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            Frequently Asked Questions

            1. How to display the sub-categories as the static blocks in Magento apps?
            2. How to display the sub-categories as the static blocks in apps?
            3. How to get your device's information for troubleshooting purpose?
            4. How to uninstall the JMango360 Mobile App Module on a Prestashop website?
            5. How to create an admin account in the Prestashop Backend?
            6. How to get the Web Service Access Key from Prestashop Backend?
            7. Creating an IOS Developer Account
            8. Creating a Google Developer Account
            9. How to transfer app from one Google Play Developer account to another?
            10. How to add a Smart App Banner for Lightspeed Mobile theme?
            11. How does one page checkout 5 steps option work?
            12. How does signup option work?
            13. How does address book work?
            14. How to add a Smart App Banner for Website Mobile theme?
            15. How to share Lightspeed Back Office with JMango360?
            16. Customer Setting in JMango360 Plugin version from 2.3.3 to under 2.7.0
            17. How does standard checkout option work?
            18. How does one page checkout 3 steps option work?
            19. How to display sub-category images in Lightspeed app?
            20. How many languages does JMango360 support?
            21. Which Magento product types does JMango360 support?
            22. How to create a Magento Admin account for JMango360?
            23. How to change App Store developer name?
            24. How to share Apple Developer account with JMango360?
            25. How to share Google Developer account with JMango360?
            26. Can JMango360 app work offline?
            27. How to avoid app rejection from the Google Play store because of violation of youtube API terms of service?
            28. Can I change the order of products within a category in the Magento app?
            29. How to hide extra information on product detail page?
            30. How to create a product attribute and apply it to product on Magento app?
            31. How to show/hide "In Stock" and "Out of Stock" in Magento front-end.
            32. Why does the Android app ask for permissions, what are they for?
            33. What are the steps for getting my JMango360 app into the Apple App Store?
            34. Can I Test my App Prior to Submitting to the App Store?
            35. What is the Approval Process for my App?
            36. How Easy is it to Build App on JMango360?
            37. How Long does it Take to Build a JMango360 Application?
            38. How Easy is it to Design my Own Mobile Application?
            39. How much does JMango360 really cost?
            40. When should I pay?
            41. How do I publish my application?
            42. What about ownership of the app?
            43. Does JMango360 work with tablets too?
            44. How do I sign up?
            45. How do I reset my password?
            46. How do I permanently delete my account?
            47. Does it cost money to use JMango360?
            48. How to install a JMango360 application on my iPad?
            49. How to enable the Universal link feature for your app?

            Updated: 08 Nov 2018 02:46 AM
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