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            What is the JMango360 Back Office standing for?

            JMango360 provides tools which allow you to manage mobile app's publishing request and payment. 

            • As a customer, you have tools for managing all your apps, the publishing request and the payment for each mobile app.
            • As a partner, besides features for customer account, you also have tools for managing your customers and all about their mobile apps.

            Log into JMango360, JMango360 Back Office will be displayed. 


            1. Application management:  

            This is where you get an overview of how many mobile apps you have and how they are going as below: 

            • Manage Mobile Users: This keeps you posted on how effective your mobile app is by seeing how many customers use this mobile app. This feature supports Stand Alone Application only. Mobile user accounts which created on Magento Application will be managed on Magento store. 
            • Send Push Messages: Push Messages allows you to send messages (special offers and discounts… ) to all your customers who have installed the app on their mobile devices. 
            • Get Mobile Analytics: This provides you with all the data you need to gauge the performance of your application.
            • Manage Orders: This allows you to view and trace your customer's mobile purchases. (This feature will appear on your screen if you have a Standard app, if not it won't be shown)
            • Manage Quote requests: This allows mobile users to send App owner a request in order to get pricing, offers and product information in case App owner doesn't want to public the product price. (This feature will appear on your screen if you have a Standard app, if not it won't be shown)
            • Manage devices: This component listing all the devices that have your app installed. Besides, this also lets you know types of devices on which are installed are preferable. 
            • Publish app: This allows you to publish your app to the stores.

            2. Customer management:  

            This allows you to control all customers' needs and activities with regards to their mobile applications. 

            • Customer: This is for partner account only. You can view, create new, edit and deactivate or even delete one of your customer’s accounts.

            • Billing Subscriptions Management: This allows you to manage, pay and add coupon to your subscriptions. Besides, you can get your payments overview of each subscription.

            • Payment Overview: This allows you to view and download your payment for mobile application publishing.


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