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            1. Send push message to users in Magento app but no response when tapping to select users?
            2. Why do I neither find nor install app on Android tablet?
            3. How to update the product catalogs you created manually?
            4. The product images display incorrectly when clicking on a category
            5. Why is the Wish list feature not available in my app?
            6. How to insert image for sub-categories on Magento app?
            7. Why does Magento app not show certain products in category?
            8. It says "Invalid Token" when users checkout a cart
            9. Why aren't the product prices visible in my Standard App?
            10. Fail to redirect webpage when checkout on mobile app
            11. The JMango360 reports don't show any orders/sales/customers?
            12. Impossible to get enough categories to be imported when integrating the app
            13. It says "Session Expired" or "Cannot authorise to RESTful API access" when retrieving store view list
            14. It says "Extension dependencies" when installing the JMango360 REST plugin?
            15. Why is the Product Filter function disabled when browsing a product catalog?
            16. It says "The product can not be found" or "No products found" when searching or checkout a cart?
            17. It says "Access denied. Please check the API Username and API key." when browsing the mobile app
            18. Why does Standard app not show any products at all?
            19. App suddenly crashes
            20. It says "Service not available" after reinstallation/upgrade JMango360 Plugin
            21. Why updates are not displayed on mobile with Magento application?
            22. Payment method is set but why do mobile users fail to use that payment method to checkout with a Standard app?
            23. Why are mobile devices not receiving push message/notification of applications?

            Updated: 29 Aug 2018 03:33 AM
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