BigCommerce PWA e-commerce settings: Product review & Mobile-specific coupon code

BigCommerce PWA e-commerce settings: Product review & Mobile-specific coupon code

Settings available in JMango360 Back Office > Settings > Ecommerce Settings.

Product review

  1. PWA version: N/R
  2. Default value: Enabled

Product rating and reviews play an important role in building new customers' trust in the app and the brand. Product review is enabled by default and shown in the product list and product details. If you disable this setting, review rating and the Review section will be hidden.

Create mobile-specific coupon code to promote PWA

  1. PWA version: N/R
  2. Plugin version: 1.3.4
  3. Default value: Disabled
A great way to encourage customers to install and use your PWA is to offer them mobile-specific discounts. You're able to create coupon codes that can be used on PWAs only by turning on the following setting: 

  1. Select the check box to start setting up app-specific coupon code.
  2. Specify the code, discount type (percentage or fixed amount), amount (number only), duration (optional), and status of the coupon code (enabled or disabled).
  3. Save changes to finish.
Please note that:
  1. The currency for the coupon is the currency used in your PWA.
  2. Mobile-specific coupon code can be only applied in the shopping cart.
  3. Each time the mobile-specific coupon code is applied on your PWA, a correspondingly unique, one-time coupon code will be created in the store backend. If app users apply the coupon code and check out successfully, the corresponding coupon code will be deleted from the store backend.