Getting started with Alphonso

Getting started with Alphonso

Welcome to Alphonso - the advanced app builder designed to empower you to create exceptional mobile apps. This article will take you on a guided tour of the Alphonso app builder and the core pages in the app builder. By the end, you'll have a general understanding of navigating and leveraging Alphonso's power to build your dream app.
For guidance on how to access Alphonso, please take a look at Integrate BigCommerce with JMango360. If you're having trouble accessing Alphonso, we're here to help.

1. App builder

During the process of developing your app on Alphonso, you’ll go through some main phases, including designing, configuration, launch and post-launch. Depending on each phase, you can design, configure, or provide information to create and publish your own app. First of all, it is crucial to grasp each phase as well as the functionality of each section shown in the app.

1.1 Design

Shape the look and feel of your app with precision. You can design your home screen, bottom tab, categories, product detail page, custom pages, and theme to create a visually appealing app and capture the attention of your customers.

Check out the Overview of design features to get an insight into the design steps and the functionality of each design module.

1.2 Preview

With the app builder, you can already see any changes to the various modules. In order to preview your app and test functionality, you can use the powerful Preview This web-based solution is a fully functional demo version of your app, which allows you to directly see and use the app without going through the lengthy process of creating app versions. This feature also empowers you to instantly preview how your app looks and functions on iOS and Android. 

1.3 Configuration

Explore two configuration options and many powerful integrations that will help you enhance your app-building experience.
  1. Settings: Through the integration with the platform, many settings and information are fetched. Alphonso allows you to make app-only settings to fine-tune your app's functionality.

  1. Integrations: Provide support for integrating with third-party services. Discover various integration options to enhance your app's capabilities, such as review, advanced search, analytics platforms, marketing, and more. The integrations available to you depend on your subscription level. Contact our Sales team of our Customer Success team for more information.

1.4 Launch 

Once you’ve decided to publish your app, you need to prepare your app store listing. It is a vital step in the customer journey with JMango360, so let’s take a look at this section on Alphonso. 
  1. App listing: Before submitting a publish request, you are required to complete the App Store information, including the Apple and Google developer names, graphics, description, app categories, and business information. JMango360 will publish your app to the app stores on your behalf. 

1.5 Post-launch

The post-launch phase is a crucial time for any app. Alphonso offers a set of insights tools, push notifications, and a role management system, providing valuable insights into user interactions and allowing you to improve your app and enhance user engagement.
  1. Insights: Offer valuable insights into your user acquisition, revenue, retention statistics, purchase journey, and notifications. You can monitor key metrics, track user behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your app's success.

  1. Notifications: Manage push notifications effortlessly through the notifications section. Engage with your users by sending targeted and timely messages, promotions, and updates to drive customer retention and boost engagement.

1.6 Team management

Manage user access and permissions within the app builder in the Manage Users section. Grant different access levels to team members, ensuring the right individuals have the necessary privileges to contribute to your app's development and management.

2. Core pages in the app builder

Our innovative app builder offers a set of tools to design and configure pages, ensuring that you can create a user-centric and efficient app. Here are the core pages worth highlighting: 
  1. Home: The home page in Alphonso is fully configurable, allowing you to tailor the home screen to your unique brand identity. The new feature Multi-home has been provided to empower you with the ability to create multiple home screen layouts.
  2. Categories: Our app builder not only offers configurability for categories but also presents you with two design methods. You can make use of the versatility of the methods to efficiently organize your products and optimize user navigation.
  3. Product detail page: Alphonso streamlines consistency and clarity by offering a fully templated product detail page. However, you can still configure the page according to your specific preferences.
  4. Account screen: By default, Alphonso provides basic buttons for essential account functions. Nevertheless, you can take it a step further by adding more buttons to tailor the account screen to your needs.

Congratulations! Now you are equipped with basic knowledge of the Alphonso app builder and the captivating app destinations it offers. Start exploring the app builder, unleash your creativity, and craft immersive user experiences that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at!

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