JMango360 B2B Solution - StoryBlok Overview

JMango360 B2B Solution - StoryBlok Overview


Storyblok is a user-friendly and powerful headless Content Management System (CMS) with a Visual Editor. It is an intelligent tool that assists businesses in taking care of their content in a systematic manner. Its visual composer allows users to view the changes they make to their websites before they go live and helps to build pages with a few clicks.

JMango360 B2B Solution uses Storyblok as a SaaS solution by developing a set of capabilities in the StoryBlok CMS backend that enable users to control the content displayed on their website. Users can use it to design their storefronts in terms of UI,, frames for websites and other webpages. 

When merchants use the JMango360 B2B Solution, they are granted permission to access their own Space in Storyblok.


In Storyblok's suite of solutions, we provide the following features: 

(We suggest you read these articles in the following order for easier understanding)

You can use this feature to add components to your storefront's homepage. You can display basic contact information, featured products, and promotion banners to drive customer purchases.

With the help of this feature, users can add a page with generic content to the website. Users can use the section to display articles like blog posts or general information articles.

This feature allows editing the navigation within your site. 

One of JMango360 B2B Solution's standout features is the ability to support the multilingual presentation of your website, giving a better user experience than before.

Getting Started 

When installing B2B Plugin, Merchants will be provided their personal StoryBlok‚Äôs Space where they can manage and change the content displayed on the website. 

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