Link a menu item to webpage, YouTube videos or any URL

Link a menu item to webpage, YouTube videos or any URL

Settings available in JMango360 Back Office > Design > Add Feature > Link to webpage.

The Link to webpage feature makes it easy for you to open an external webpage, YouTube video or an URL in your app. This feature is very helpful if you want to chat with your customers via WhatsApp.

In JMango360 Back Office, navigate to the Design module > Add Feature > Link to webpage.

Now you can:
  1. Edit the page such as changing the page title, adding menu icon, etc.
  2. Enter a URL for the webpage you want to show in your app
  3. The webpage can be opened in an in-app browser or an external browser. If you want to open it in an external browser, select the relevant check box (app version 2.46.0 or higher is required).

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