Magento: It says 'The product can not be found' or 'No products found' when searching or checking out

Magento: It says 'The product can not be found' or 'No products found' when searching or checking out


You cannot search for any products, even when the products do exist in categories. Besides, when you want to check out your shopping cart, you get an error message 'The products cannot be found' and fail to check out.



This issue may happen because of the mismatch between the website URL and the store view you use to integrate your app with your website. If you use a URL of one store view but choose another store view to integrate, the integration will still be done successfully but later you will catch the above issues.


Please be clear about the base URL of each store view of your website. When integrating your app, make sure you select the right URL and store view.

Step 1: In Magento Admin, go to Stores > Configuration. Under General > Web, expand the Base URLs section and check the base URL of each store view.
Step 2: In JMango360 Back Office, enter the correct URL and store view when integrating your app.
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