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            Magento App Integration Settings

            In our platform under app settings, we allow you to build your application which is integrated with existing Magento webshop.

            To integrate with your Magento store, you need to install the JMango360 REST plugin for your store first. Further information about plugin installation can be found in this article.

            Please follow the instructions below in order to set-up your Magento application:
            Log into our platform: JMango360 Back Office and open your application by clicking on the App Logo. You can also open the application by clicking on the menu on the right hand side, select Design


            The detail of the app will be displayed, then please go to Settings tab, you will find all the app settings as listed below:
            Finally, please never forget to click Save application button to save your data after finishing the update to your application.

            Did you know?
            1. If there is any changes in Magento store or you’d like to change the data to be imported in application, please re-integrate your Magento store with the app (see Step 1 above) in order to update all the changes in application. 
            2. Besides importing Product Catalog from Magento store, you can manually create product catalog and link to a particular category, refer to this article.
            3. It’s best to create categories in Magento and then re-integrate to synchronize to mobile app.

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:35 PM
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