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            How to share Apple Developer account with JMango360?

            In case you would like to share your Apple account with JMango360 for publishing app to Apple store, please invite JMango360 to join your teams and set the role on the teams as below:
            1. Invite JMango360 as an Admin account in Apple Developer Program.
            2. Invite JMango360 as an App Manager account in iTunes Connect.

            Invite JMango360 as an Admin account in Apple Developer Program

            Please note that with Apple Developer Individual Account can not share the Admin account with us. You might contact with JMango360 Support  Team by Skype or WhatsApp to complete publishing process. 

            Step 1: Sign in via, you then click on People >> Invite People.

            Step 2: In the field Invite as Admins, you enter JMango360's email address: "". Then click on Invite button.
            To know more details about each role, please click on the link Learn about roles.

            As a result, JMango360 will receives an email invitation via email "". 

            Invite JMango360 as an App Manager account in iTunes Connect
            Step 1: Login your iTunes via this, you then select Users and Access.

            Step 2: You click on "+" button.

            Step 3In New User form, you enter the JMango360 information: First nameLast name and Email  "". Select App Manager for JMango360 Role. Then you click on Invite button.

            The App Managers can edit all aspects of the apps they have access to, and can add users to those apps. These users can be granted limited app access.
            A confirmation email will be sent to JMango360 via "".
            As a result, JMango360 can publish your app on your behalf to Apple store.

            Updated: 11 Dec 2018 02:48 AM
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