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            How to manage devices that have the app installed?

            This component listing all the devices that have this app installed. To access the Devices Component, please follow some steps below:

            Step 1: Log into JMango360.

            Step 2: From the list of your Apps, click on the App you want to manage devices in. Then click on the 'Devices tab', the list of devices with devices information will be displayed.

            Search for device(s)

            To search for a device please enter the search keyword into the text box. You can refine your search with other criteria such as: Notification status and Device Status.

            Then press 'Enter' or click on the 'Search button'  the results will be calculated and displayed immediately.

            Manually add a new device

            Click on the 'New Device' button to manually add a new device, the Mobile Application Device Info will be displayed as below:

            Please fill in the required fields then click on the 'Done' button to finish. Or click on 'Cancel' to discard.

            Delete a device

            Select the device you don't want to keep, click on 'Delete button'  then confirm, the device will be removed from the list. The Mobile user who uses the device, can still use your App but he/she cannot receive a push message from your App anymore.

            Manage device groups

            From the 'Devices tab', please go to the 'Device Group' section to manage your device groups, a list of device groups will be displayed.

            Create a new group

            Group of devices can be created as many as necessary. Please click on the 'New Group button' to create a new one. You enter the group name in the field Group Name.

            Add device(s) to a group by searching and selecting the desired device(s) from the device list (in the left box),  then click the 'Add button'  

            Selected device(s) will be added in the list (in the right box).

            Click on the 'Create button' to save the devices of the group. Click on 'Cancel' to discard.

            Edit/Delete group

            Click on 'Edit button'  or 'Delete button'  on the group in order to edit or remove this one.

            Did you know?

            Devices can only receive push notifications when the Device status is Activated, the Notification status is Enabled and the Notification ID has its value instead of displaying N/A.

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:42 PM
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