Overview of integrations

Overview of integrations

1. About third-party integrations

Integrations extend the functionality of your app, allowing you to provide a seamless shopping experience, leverage customer feedback, and optimize marketing efforts.

If you're already using integrations on your store, you can extend those integrations to your app. This ensures a consistent user experience across platforms. For instance, in the case of product reviews, a seamless integration enables users to read and submit reviews directly from the mobile app. 

In addition, a mobile app isn't just a duplicate of your website; it's a unique sales channel with its own set of possibilities. Apart from your existing store integrations, you can connect with different integrations for your app. For instance, you can connect with mobile app attribution platforms to track and analyze user interactions, app installs, and marketing campaign effectiveness.

Do I have to pay for integrations?
An additional integration fee and/or monthly fee might be associated with integrations depending on the complexity and level of custom configuration. For more information, reach out to our sales or customer success team

Does my subscription include all available integrations? 
Each subscription level offers a predetermined set of integrations. Therefore, the number and types of integrations available to you depend on the specific subscription you choose. 

What if I want an integration but it's not available?
If you want to connect a new integration that is not available in Alphonso, reach out to our sales or customer success team.

2. Overview of existing integrations

Below is a list of the existing integrations and the links to related articles with integration instructions. 
  1. Reviews:
    1. Feefo
    2. RREVIEWS.io
    3. Stamped Reviews
    4. Yotpo Reviews
    5. Trustpilot (coming soon)
  2. Search:  
    1. Searchanise
  3. Engagement:
    1. Klaviyo (coming soon)
    2. Firebase In-App & Cloud Messaging
    3. OneSignal
  4. Analytics & Attribution: 
    1. AppsFlyer (coming soon)
    2. Adjust (coming soon)
    3. Firebase - GA4
  5. Checkout: 
    1. Apple Pay (coming soon)
  6. Optimization:
    1. Barcode/ QR Scanner
    2. Address autocomplete
    3. Store Locator
Note: Regarding setting up these integrations, some integrations can take effect right away once enabled, but some require additional actions such as a new mobile build or contacting JMango360 for alignment. See more information in the related articles for each integration.

If you have any further questions, we’re happy to help! Please reach out to us at customer.success@jmango360.com!

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